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About Us

Brown-Pacific, Inc., originated in 1968 as Branford Pacific Wire, Inc., the west coast arm of Branford Wire in Connecticut. In 1972 Ken Brown purchased the company from Branford Wire and the name was changed to Brown-Pacific Wire, and subsequently, to Brown-Pacific, Inc. The name has changed; however, our mission has not.

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Engineering – Metallurgical Staff

A complete specifications library and metallurgical staff are on premises to design processes which will develop the required properties to meet customer specifications

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Manufacturing Facility

Product Line – Customized

Customized processors of stainless steel, high temperature alloys, and high nickel wire & bar. Performance to your specifications guaranteed

Wire Drawing
Capability from .050 to .644 diameter in stainless steel, high temperature, and high nickel alloys.

Bar Facility
Manufacturing centerless ground bar from 250 to .516 diameter.

Mechanical removal of primary surface defects, seams, rough surfaces, scratches, laps, and pits.

Chemical Milling
Chemical removal of primary surface defects, seams, rough surfaces, scratches, and pits. Batch process for any size material. Controlled material removal – scrap reduction.

Copper Plating
One of the largest copper plating facilities on the west coast. Provides copper lubricant coatings for those applications where severe deformation will occur.

Non-Metallic Coatings
Miraflex, lime, soap, wax, grease. To accommodate your specific cold-heading requirements.

Heat Treating – Annealing
A variety of furnace capabilities. Open air, protective atmosphere, and strand annealing furnaces with temperatures from 400F to 2200F.

Molten-caustic salt bath for descaling and cleaning stainless steel and high temperature alloys.

Pickling Facilities
Complete chemical cleaning system for stainless steel and high temp. alloys.

Mission Statement

Brown-Pacific’s mission is to operate a well-managed, profitable company incorporating Judeo-Christian principles. We are committed to providing and manufacturing a top quality product to the market place with a competitive delivery and price. We are committed to providing a continuity of service and development to the industry today and in the future.

Every member of the Brown-Pacific family deserves a safe place to work, respect from his/her co-workers, and a means to achieving personal goals. We further recognize that we are living in a global community and share a responsibility towards improving our environment. Hence we will continuously strive to lessen our environmental impact on our world in the most economical, market oriented fashion.