About Us

Brown-Pacific, Inc., originated in 1968 as Branford Pacific Wire, Inc., the west coast arm of Branford Wire in Connecticut. In 1972 Ken Brown purchased the company from Branford Wire and the name was changed to Brown-Pacific Wire, and subsequently, to Brown-Pacific, Inc. While our name has changed, our mission has not.

Today, Brown-Pacific, Inc. is a producer of high quality stainless, high nickel, and high temperature alloy wire and bar. We manufacture our products to the exacting specifications of the aerospace, automotive, computer, tractor-trailer, and consumer durable fastener markets. Our customers are manufacturing nuts, bolts, rivets, and other fasteners to the requirements of these industries.

New equipment and processes have been acquired and developed over the years to add to our capacity, improve quality, and lessen our environmental impact. To date, Brown-Pacific, Inc. is a customized processor and is equipped with wire drawing, bar manufacturing, chemical milling, copper plating, heat treating, annealing, descaling, and pickling facilities.

We also have a laboratory to provide mechanical testing, micro and macro analysis, chemical analysis, and quality control services.

The mid 1970’s saw the advent of environmental regulations. During this period Brown-Pacific, Inc. designed a complete waste water and air pollution control system to handle our manufacturing processes. Environmental technology had not caught up with our industry’s specific issues. Therefore, Brown-Pacific’s staff was offered the opportunity to design our own system. The resulting tailor-made pollution control system has risen to the challenges of subsequent regulations by only needing minor modifications.

As we look to the future, Brown-Pacific remains firmly committed to our customers and our industry. Our past success and future promise does not lie in a piece of equipment, or an individual, but in a commitment from all of our personnel to our mission and to manufacturing the highest quality fastener wire in the world!